Swimming is a popular activity in the summer, whether in a pool, a lake, or at the beach. A backyard pool is a great feature, but it requires you to take some special precautions. If you have kids or pets at home, it is especially important to abide by standard pool safety guidelines. Below are some fundamental swimming pool safety tips to follow at home.

1. Install Pool Barriers for Swimming Pool Safety

A fence keeps kids and guests from accessing the pool unsupervised. Install a fence on all four sides of a pool. Here are some expert suggestions for the barrier:

· Should have gates that open away from the pool.
· Position the latch at least 54” above ground to prevent kids from reaching it.
· Should be constructed of bars or another material that keeps kids from climbing up or over the fence.
· Less than a 4-inch gap at the bottom.
· It should be at least four feet tall.

You can also install some devices like an alarm on your pool gate to improve safety. A pool motion detector will notify you when someone has made contact with the water.

2. Supervise Kids and Pets Around Pools

Children love swimming, but it can also be dangerous. No one should swim in a pool alone without supervision. Pets can also fall in a pool and struggle to get out. Never leave kids or pets unattended by the pool.

3. Post the Swimming Pool Safety Rules

Clearly post your pool’s safety rules so they are visible from any part of the pool area. Some of the pool safety rules to include are:

· No diving
· No running
· No horseplay
· Always have an adult present
·Never swim alone
·Stay away from the pool drains

4. Take Swimming Lessons

It is impractical to supervise your kids while swimming if you don’t know how to swim yourself. Learn how to swim. Swimming lessons and CPR classes will help you act quickly in an emergency.

5. Emergency Features

Pool safety products and tools will help someone in distress. Rescue equipment includes life rings, poles, and safety floats.

The above pool safety tips will help prevent accidents and tragedies. Everyone who visits your pool should be aware of and abide by these safety guidelines.

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