A swimming pool is a great addition to an outdoor space for many reasons. It can be used for exercise and entertaining. The pool provides an area to gather and relax in the sun. No matter how you use your pool, the value of routine swimming pool maintenance cannot be overstated. Get more enjoyment from your pool when you keep it clean and well-maintained.

Pool Equipment Maintenance

Keeping your pool clean and healthy requires maintenance of your pool equipment. At the beginning of the season, check the components of the pool. Examine the pool’s ladder to look for broken or cracked steps. It should be firmly and securely attached to the pool and the deck. Make sure the handrails on the steps are secure. Steps should have safety treads that aren’t brittle or broken. Skimmer baskets should be installed in the correct location and be in good condition. Replace them if you notice holes, broken edges, or cracks. Check that the pool drain cover is properly attached and completely intact.

Swimming Pool Maintenance: Balance Chemicals

In order to keep your pool clean and healthy, it’s important to have the correct balance of chemicals in your system. Neglecting this task can lead to a build-up of bacteria and algae in the pool’s water. The chemicals disinfect the pool, improve water quality, inhibit the growth of algae, and slow corrosion. You can test the pH with test strips and add necessary chemicals to balance the water.

Pool Safety

An important part of caring for your pool is keeping the area safe. Install a fence with a locking gate around the pool area to keep children from accessing the pool on their own. Pool alarms are available that will alert you if someone enters the water. Teach children to walk in the pool area; running should never be allowed. Always have an adult on duty when the pool is being used. Keep a safety flotation device near the water and within easy reach in case of an emergency.

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