Hurricanes can seriously damage property. Preparation can help your home withstand the storm with minimal damage. Here are a few helpful tips you should consider to prepare your home for hurricane season adequately. 

Secure All Entrances to Prepare Your Home for Hurricane Season

Water can enter your house through your doors and windows. Therefore, it is vital to secure all entrances to avoid water damage. Use weather-stripping and caulking to seal any gaps in your doors and windows—repair broken hinges, seals, and knobs. 

You can also try boarding up your windows to reduce the chance of debris damaging your property. Invest in some hurricane shutters or install plywood over your windows to secure them.

Purchase a First-Aid Kit

If you don’t already have a first-aid kid, purchase one before hurricane season. A first-aid kit will come in handy during a disaster. You may need to tend to a sick or injured family member but cannot access a hospital during the storm. 

Also, ensure you stash some food, water, medicine, and other essential items for survival. You may end up stuck in the house for days, so you’ll need to have some essentials at hand.

Prepare Your Home for Hurricane Season by Reinforcing the Roof

Roof damage is widespread in hurricanes because roofs are exposed to the storm’s driving rain and severe wind. Before the hurricane season begins, hire a professional roofing company to inspect your roof. They will thoroughly check your roof for any signs of damage and provide you with valuable tips on effectively reinforcing it before the storm. Securing your roof will increase the chances that it remains intact during a hurricane.

Bring Your Outdoor Furniture Inside

While water damage is dangerous, wind-borne debris is more likely to cause injury during a hurricane. It is vital to secure or remove any outdoor furniture before hurricane season starts. Furniture or equipment left outside during a storm can be lifted by strong winds and cause significant damage or injury. Bring all your patio furniture, garden tools, and kids’ toys indoors. If you cannot move some structures, such as tool sheds and carports, ensure they are well-anchored.

Create an Evacuation Plan

Making an evacuation plan is one of the smartest ways to prepare your home for hurricane season. While you will most likely get instructions and advice from the local authorities, it’s wise to have your evacuation plan before the storm strikes so you’ll know where you and your family can take refuge.

Your evacuation plan should include where you want to go, how much time it will take, and how you will get there. Also, don’t forget to include all your pets in the plan; if the house is no longer safe for you and your family, it is also not safe for them.

Preparing your home for hurricane season will help you minimize the storm’s damage. Follow these tips to keep your family and property safe during a hurricane.

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