During severe winds, homes are at risk of being damaged by flying debris, trees, or power lines brought down by strong winds. Wind damage can also put lives in danger, therefore, you need to take the right measures to prevent risk. This article focuses on the steps that can help you in protecting your home from wind damage.

Protect the Windows and Doors

Strong winds can enter the house through the doors and windows and exert pressure on the roof and walls. Install storm shutters that protect windows and glass doors from getting hit by flying debris.

Strengthen the Garage Doors

A garage door can be damaged if it is not strong enough to withstand strong storms. If damaged, strong winds will pass through and damage further areas of your home. You can reinforce your garage door using specialized brackets or replace it with a stronger model.

Protecting Your Home From Wind Damage by Cutting Down Trees

Strong winds will cause trees to fall, damaging your home and other nearby property. Remove trees that are close to your home and a potential threat. This will help you avoid damage and potential loss of life from trees during strong windstorms.

Secure Your Fencing and Sheds to Protect Your Home From Wind Damage

Inspect your fences and sheds to ensure that they are in good condition. If they are already weak, a heavy storm will destroy them, which can lead to injuries. Repairing loose fences and sheds is one of the best steps you can take in protecting your home from wind damage.

Secure the Shingles

Strong winds can blow shingles off your roof and make it vulnerable to even more damage. Use at least six nails to secure the shingles. Taking these steps in protecting your home from wind damage will help you avoid the costs of repairs during extreme weather conditions.

Protecting Your Home From Wind Damage by Securing Outdoor Items

Your house can be vulnerable to wind damage if outdoor items aren’t secured properly. Walk around your house to identify items that can fly away during a strong wind storm and store them in a safe place. Keep outdoor furniture and other items like bins in a garage to prevent them from damaging your house.

Hire a Home Inspector

There might be unique aspects to your property that will make your home vulnerable to wind damage and you should hire a professional home inspector to conduct a wind mitigation inspection. The home inspector will identify any potential weakness and recommend features and considerations you will have to take to protect your home from wind damage.

Taking the necessary steps can help you protect your home from potential wind damage. These measures might not be enough to guarantee you maximum protection. You also need to have an emergency plan so that in case the storm is extreme than expected, you can take your family to a safer place.

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