When shopping for siding for your home, there are various materials to choose from. To decide which option is best for your home and budget, let’s explore the pros and cons of different types of siding materials.


Pros: Vinyl is one of the most popular options available for siding. It is inexpensive and comes in a wide variety of colors, so it never needs to be painted. Vinyl is also easy to clean. Power wash it every year to keep it looking brand new.

Cons: One downside of vinyl siding is that it’s only expected to last about 30 years. Other types of siding materials have longer life expectancies. Very cold weather can make it crack.

Wooden Types of Siding

Pros: Wood is an attractive siding material, especially for a rustic look. Wood siding provides many options when it comes to color and design. When maintained properly, it’s quite durable, lasting 20-40 years or more. Wood is recyclable when replaced, making it a good option for the environment.

Cons: Wood siding is more expensive than vinyl and requires proper maintenance to protect your home and increase its life expectancy. Wood is vulnerable to termites and other pests. Finally, wooden types of siding don’t stand up to weather as well as other varieties.

Fiber Cement

Pros: Fiber cement resembles wood siding and is one of the more recently developed types of siding materials. It comes in different forms such as planks, shakes, or panels. It is very durable and not at risk for insect damage or rot. You can get it pre-painted or primed and then paint it once it is installed. It is also made out of recyclable materials and can last more than 50 years.

Cons: It has a moderate to high price. It is relatively low maintenance but will need to be repainted over time.


Pros: Metal siding is becoming more popular. It’s an inexpensive choice for siding material. Metal is fire resistant, making it a safer option in areas prone to fires. Steel siding can last up to 50 years while aluminum siding can last 40 years, but requires painting every 5-10 years to look its best.

Cons: Metal doesn’t offer a wide variety of color and style options. It is quite loud when impacted by rain or hail. Metal siding can also dent easily.

Brick and Stone Types of Siding Materials

Pros: Stone and brick offer strength and durability unmatched by other types of siding materials. Masonry typically lasts over 75 years. It’s great at protecting your home from the elements. Aesthetically, brick and stone siding are very attractive options.

Cons: Brick and stone siding materials are the most expensive options. Many people choose to use these types of siding materials in conjunction with another type to keep the cost manageable.

When you need new siding for your home, picking the right material is the first step. Learning about the advantages and disadvantages of types of siding materials will help you make the best choice for your home.

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