As a homeowner, it’s helpful to have the right tools to accomplish DIY projects. Even if you don’t intend to undertake major renovations, a few basic tools will come in handy. Let’s look at ten useful tools for homeowners.

Must-Have Tools for Homeowners Include a Tape Measure

A tape measure is helpful for getting dimensions to fit new furniture and appliances, and for more complex projects like building a deck or patio. They are flexible, making it easy to take measurements. You’ll find countless uses for a tape measure at home including measuring windows for blinds or the floor for new tile.

For everyday use, purchase a tape measure with a 25-foot length. If you think you’ll need to figure longer distances, purchase a laser model for more accurate measurements.

Screwdriver Set

Screwdrivers are one of the most common must-have tools for homeowners. Purchase a multi-point screwdriver with interchangeable heads that comes with different screw bits. Look for a set of assorted sizes of screwdrivers with both Phillips head and flathead options. Screwdrivers are useful for assembling furniture, installing a smoke detector, and even opening a paint can.

Claw Hammer

For basic use around the house, a claw hammer is the best option. Choose a hammer with a good weight and a comfortable grip for installing and removing nails.


A level is used to establish a horizontal plane or whether something is vertical, or plumb. They are handy when homeowners need to hang objects – like photos or wall shelves – in a straight line. A standard level, which is between 6″ to 12″ in length, should suffice for most DIY home projects.

Tool Box

A toolbox keeps your tools organized in one place. A plastic toolbox is less expensive and lighter weight than a metal model, but metal is more durable and longer-lasting. Choose a toolbox that is large enough to store your tools and fasteners.

Tools for Homeowners: Pliers

Pliers are used for gripping, cutting, and twisting. For homeowners, purchase a needle nose plier and a slip joint plier.


A ladder makes it easy for you to get to heights beyond your reach, like when you need to climb onto your roof or even when there is a lightbulb that needs to be changed. For general household use, purchase a ladder between 5 to 12 feet with a capacity of at least 300 lbs of weight.


Wrenches are great for tightening, fastening, or loosening bolts and pipe fittings. An adjustable wrench or two added to your toolbox will be adequate for most DIY home projects.


A drill makes holes in wood and secures screws and other fasteners. A cordless 4 to 9-volt drill will help you complete your work effortlessly without a power cord getting in the way.

Utility Knives are Useful Tools for Homeowners

A utility knife is one of the must-have tools for homeowners. Use utility knives for tasks such as opening packages, cutting carpet or linoleum to fit, breaking down cardboard boxes, and for craft projects.

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