When you are limiting your shopping trips and staying at home more, you want to make the most of each outing. Stocking up on supplies for quarantine is a good idea, just don’t go overboard. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you have a few extra items stashed away in case of an emergency or shortage.

Supplies for Quarantine: Shelf Stable Food

Dried foods are particularly useful because they take up very little space and don’t spoil. Pick up extra pasta, rice, and beans. Grab some seasonings too. Beans and rice make a hardy carbohydrate and protein-packed meal.

Cleaning Supplies

Keeping the house, dishes, and hands clean is always important, but you should be extra vigilant during a quarantine. Bleach is a potent germ killer. The CDC recommends washing surfaces first with soap and water followed by a diluted solution of bleach and water. Alcohol that is labeled 70% or higher will sanitize and vinegar can be used for both a window and shower cleaner.


Supplies for quarantine include water and a water filtration system or device. Not all filters remove the same contaminants. Read the manufacturer’s instructions for guidance. Store one gallon of water for each household member and keep a three to fourteen day supply on hand.

Batteries, Matches, and Lanterns

Now is the perfect time to check all your flashlights and change out dead batteries. When stocking up on batteries, grab some for toys, remote controls, and a few other miscellaneous sizes.

Battery-powered lanterns will help you see at night in the event the power goes out. They are handy to have because they can sit on a table or you can hang them, and they do a decent job of lighting up a small room. Store matches in a watertight container for emergency use.

Medicine and First Aid Supplies for Quarantine

Some common over the counter drugs you may need are fever reducers, pain relievers, and stomach treatments. You may need adult and children versions of each of these depending on your family.

First aid kits are sold prepackaged or you can create your own. Stock it with bandages of various sizes, alcohol wipes, antibiotic ointment, and medical-grade gloves. Keep ahead of your prescription drugs. Contact your doctor to see if they will authorize an early refill so that you can stock up.

Pet Supplies

While we are focusing on our family’s safety, we should also remember our pets. Store some dry food in tightly sealed containers. Canned foods have a long shelf life, so you may want to consider buying some of those, too. If your pet is on any medication, contact your veterinarian about getting some extra doses.

Games are Supplies for Quarantine

The supplies for quarantine should also include some fun things. If the internet or power goes down, you will want something to keep your family entertained. Get some new games for indoors and outdoors, and some challenging puzzles.

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