Humidity levels in any house naturally fluctuate throughout the year. While a certain amount of variation is normal, some household issues lead to excess moisture in the home. Water in the home causes mold growth, structural damage, and other issues. Here are signs of moisture problems you may notice in your home.

Mildew and Mold are Signs of Moisture Problems

Particularly in the bathroom and kitchen, where spores can multiply quickly, visible mold is an obvious sign of moisture in the home. Homeowners may also spot mold on the walls or floor in the crawlspace or basement. Mildew typically looks white and powdery. Other molds are dark in color and spread in irregular patterns.

Musty and Damp Smells

Your nose can help you identify moisture problems in the home. Once you’ve smelled mildew or mold growth, it’s hard to forget it. Schedule a mold inspection if you notice a lingering damp smell in the attic, basement, or another part of the house. A mold professional will visit the property and thoroughly examine the structure, materials, and high-risk areas for mold growth.

Rotting Wood

Wood makes up the frame of most properties, so any moisture problems in the home are a serious issue. Rotten wood is more vulnerable to damage and pest infestation, which weakens the structure of a home. Whether the problem is moisture or termite activity, call a professional to make repairs.

Peeling or Bubbling Wallpaper or Paint

Because most homes have paint or wallpaper on the walls, it can be challenging to notice mold growth on the surface. One of the signs of moisture problems in the home on the walls is paint peeling, bubbling, or visibly separating from the wall’s surface. If the only impacted area is the bathroom, installing a dehumidifier or running the fan while you shower may help.

Discoloration or Water Stains are Signs of Moisture Problems

While many homeowners associate the basement with high moisture levels, the roof can also allow water to seep in due to missing or broken shingles. If you notice yellow or brown stains on the ceiling or walls, water saturated the material at some point. Hire a professional to determine if the staining comes from a damaged pipe or issues with the roof.

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