Outdoor lighting allows you to enjoy your deck, porch, and patio even after dark. Good lighting also boosts safety and improves home security. If you’re looking into ways to illuminate outdoor spaces, here are some outdoor lighting options.

LED Fixtures

Since LED lighting uses less energy than standard incandescent lights, it’s a more affordable option. There are various types of LEDs available for outdoor use. You can choose floodlights for the side yard, spotlights to illuminate the landscaping, or LED deck post lights to brighten the perimeter of the deck.

There are also inexpensive, solar-powered LED pathway lights available in home improvement stores and online. Install these along the walkway to the pool or use them to light the entryway into your home.

Outdoor Floor Lamps as Lighting Options

Much like the torchiere lamp in your living room, there are a variety of floor lamp-style fixtures made for the outdoors. You might choose a globe-shaped lamp, tall concrete lamps, or even large floor lamps that are shaped like lanterns. There are waterproof, color-changing, and even smart versions of these lights that you can control with an app on your smartphone.

Combination Light and Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan provides a cool breeze on a hot day and, if you choose one with lighting, you can illuminate the porch. Fans can be operated independently of the bulbs, so you can put the lighting to use only when you need it. Installing a ceiling fan on your porch helps to improve airflow and deter mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are not strong fliers and a gentle breeze will keep them out of your outdoor spaces.

String Lights are Easy to Use Options for Outdoor Lighting

String lights are versatile and easy to use. You can find solar-powered, plug-in, and battery-powered options to add light anywhere on the deck. This option offers style and flexibility and comes in different shapes and sizes to fit your space. Install strings of lights inside a gazebo, outline the deck rails with them, or hang them in the trees above the patio.

Motion-Activated Lighting

Motion lights power on when movement is detected. This is a great option for boosting security and automatically lighting the yard when you go outside. Motion lights can be battery-operated or function with your regular outdoor floodlight fixtures. These lights are perfect for installing in the side yard or above the garage door.

It’s important that when lighting your outdoor living spaces to choose fixtures that are intended for outdoor use. Check the packaging to make sure your lighting options are safe to use outside.

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