Moving out of state is an exciting but tedious process with lots of things to do every step of the way. From finding your new home to the actual moving process, it takes a lot of coordination and effort. Here are 6 tips for moving out of state.

Visit Your New Home Before Moving Out of State

Once you decide that you’re moving to a new state, the first thing to do is take a trip to get to know the area. If your options are open, take a few days to explore different cities and towns. Go to local establishments, drive around neighborhoods, and have conversations with people who live there. If you have a particular hobby or interest, try to join a group of like-minded people in the area.

Make a Budget

Moving is expensive, and the farther away you move, the more it will cost. Plan out your budget so you don’t end up going in the red. Allow for travel, professional movers, and accommodations in your budget. Set aside some extra funds for unexpected expenses along the way. Of course, you will also have to account for the costs of your new mortgage, insurance, utility deposits, and taxes.

Rent a Place While House Shopping

It’s tough to shop for houses from afar because you may have to place an offer on a home that you’ve not yet seen in person. If this makes you uneasy, it’s best to find a short-term rental in the area that you can live in while you tour potential homes. Another option is asking someone you trust who lives in the new area to look at houses for you. When you find the house you want to place an offer on, order a home inspection and attend if possible.

Hire a Reputable Moving Company for Moving Out of State

It’s worth it to hire movers even if you are just moving across town, but even more so when you are crossing state lines. They will load up the moving truck, drive it for hundreds of miles, and unload your belongings safely in your new home. Moving to a new state is already stressful enough, so hiring movers is one of the best investments you can make.

Pack Strategically

If you are moving far away, the moving process itself might take several days. Pack a separate suitcase or bag with the things you’ll need while you’re between homes. This includes changes of clothes, toiletries, snacks, medications, and pet supplies. Have everyone in your family assemble their own bag so they’ll have what they need for the move.

Check the Weather Forecast

The weather can complicate your move, no matter the time of year. Snowstorms, tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, and hurricanes may cause you to change your route or postpone the moving date. A weather incident could happen unexpectedly, so you should have a backup plan including places along the way where you can stop at a hotel and wait for bad weather to pass.

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