Outdoor furniture is vulnerable to icy weather and the sun’s UV rays. Unfortunately, many of these items are expensive, and most homeowners can’t afford to replace them every year. Take care of the patio furniture to keep it functional and attractive. Here are ten ways to maintain outdoor furniture.

Maintain and Update Your Outdoor Furniture

1. Get Rid of Rust

One of the most common issues with outdoor furniture is rust. When maintaining metal furniture, wash the pieces and remove the rust with a quality rust-remover product. Removing rust renews and protects the metal furniture you use outdoors.

2. Spray Paint Outdoor Furniture to Maintain It

A quick way to make outdoor furniture look new again is with a fresh coat of paint. Spray paint works well on wicker, plastic, and metal furniture.

3. Repurpose a Coffee Table

If you have a metal coffee table that you no longer use, repurpose the table for use outdoors. Treat the metal to prevent rust so it can stand up to the elements.

4. Reupholster Cushions

For furniture with cushions, reupholster them with a UV-resistant fabric every few years. Cushions fade over time due to sunlight and exposure to the elements. Reupholstering them adds life to the deck, porch, or patio.

5. Varnish Wooden Furniture

Wooden furniture chips and fades over time. To revive wooden outdoor furniture, sand it down and then apply a coat of varnish. If you want to update the pieces, choose a wood stain in a new shade. Stain and varnish make wooden pieces look fresh and protect them from the elements.

6. Maintain Outdoor Furniture: Apply Tung Oil

If you have furniture outdoors made from natural wicker, wash the pieces and apply tung oil to make the material more water-resistant. Work the oil into every gap where it will harden for a protective finish.

7. Protect the Patio Furniture

Invest in slipcovers and shade for your patio. An awning or patio umbrella protects outdoor furniture from UV rays and harsh weather conditions that take a toll on the materials. Coverings prevent sunlight from fading and weakening the furniture.

8. Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor rugs designate spaces and bring the entire patio together. However, a rug can collect dust, dirt, and pollen. Sweep outdoor rugs frequently and occasionally rinse yours with the garden hose. Regular tidying up keeps the space clean while extending the lifespan of your outdoor rug.

9. Maintain Fabric Furniture Outdoors

Fabric patio furniture can be maintained easily with lukewarm water and mild dish soap. To prevent damage to the fabric while cleaning, use a microfiber cloth or a brush with soft bristles.

10. Store the Furniture When Not in Use

If you won’t be using the outdoor furniture for some time, place the pieces in storage or cover them. Weatherproof covers protect the furniture and extend the lifespan of the pieces.

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