Ways To Keep Your Home Safe While On Vacation

You will be able to relax and enjoy your family vacation more if you make an effort to protect your house and belongings before you leave. Read on for eight important ways to keep your home safe while on vacation.

Invest in a Video Monitoring System

A home security system helps to ease your mind while you are away. With so many options available, you’re sure to find one that fits your budget and your needs. Many companies also offer the ability to watch your home remotely using your smartphone or tablet, making this one of the best ways to keep your home safe while on vacation.

Put a Hold Your Mail to Keep Your Home Safe While on Vacation

One of the biggest clues to would-be criminals that you are not home is mail piling up in your mailbox. It is simple to place a hold on your mail while you’re away, or else you could ask a friend or neighbor to stop by and collect it up for you.

Continue Your Regularly Scheduled Services

Anyone looking for an empty house to break into will look for signs of negligence, like an unkempt yard. Keep your regularly scheduled visits from landscapers or other home services while you are away to make sure everything continues to look tidy and well-cared for.

Remove Your Spare Key to Keep Your Home Safe While on Vacation

One of the ways to keep your home safe while on vacation is to bring your spare key inside. These keys are typically left under a rock or special planter and are easily found by potential thieves. Instead, remove the key or give it to a trusted friend or neighbor who is planning to help out while you are gone.

Keep Your Vacation Plans Off the Internet

You may not be aware of how far your social media posts can reach. In this day and age, criminals search social media platforms in their area to find clues that people are away from their homes. Either wait until you come home to post about your vacation or do so only in a private group of trusted friends.

Install a Motion Sensor Light Outside

A motion-sensor floodlight is a good idea for security purposes all year round. They are inexpensive to purchase and simple to set up. Some can be programmed to turn on and off at set times of the day, while others work simply by turning on when motion is detected.

Purchase a Safe

One of the more popular ways to keep your belongings secure is with a safe for your valuables. These are easily installed in the house and are a great deterrent for thieves who are only looking for a quick grab before they run out of the house. Bolt the safe to the wall so a burglar can’t take it with them.

Following these suggestions will help ease your mind while you are away. When you take measures to keep your home safe while on vacation, you reduce the chances of coming back to unpleasant surprises.

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