There are certain items in your home that you need to be ready for any situation. Here are the most important home safety essentials.

Use a Smart Lock

Replace the regular deadbolt on your front door with a smart lock. You’ll never get locked out or leave your home vulnerable by leaving a key under a mat. Instead, use the keypad to gain entry. You can also control entry remotely via the lock’s app settings.

A First Aid Kit Contains Home Safety Essentials

A well-stocked first aid kit is one of those basic, yet easy to forget, home safety essentials. Most store-bought kits have everything you need. Look for kits that come complete with a whistle, a CPR breathing mask, and alcohol swabs.

Safety Ladder

It’s important to be prepared for a house fire with more than just smoke alarms. Have safety ladders for all upstairs windows so that no one gets trapped in the house during a fire.

Motion Detector Lighting

Motion detector lighting is an effective deterrent for burglars. Install these devices near all home entryways, the driveway, and walkways. Place them on the sides of the home and in the backyard. This type of lighting also keeps your family safe when coming home late at night.

Include an Emergency Radio in Your Home Safety Essentials

Buy an emergency radio that works via hand crank, battery, or solar power. Some also have a built-in flashlight. You’ll be happy with that extra feature during a blackout. This is one of those home safety essentials that can double as a local weather alert resource and a phone charger.

Fireproof Safe

Don’t lose family heirlooms, passports, checkbooks, or other vital papers in a fire. Make sure you hide your fireproof safe so it isn’t easily found by a burglar.

Fire Extinguishers are Home Safety Essentials

Place a working fire extinguisher near the kitchen, since most fires start in that room. Read the directions ahead of time so you can quickly put the extinguisher to work if needed.

Portable Charger

A simple portable charger is an excellent safety precaution. You need your phone for many purposes, like making calls, searching for quick answers on Google, or using it as a flashlight. Make sure power outages don’t prevent you from keeping your phone charged.

Keep all of the above home safety essentials in your house so that you’ll be prepared for any situation.

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